Top 10 Reasons Insurers Partner With Spill Center™

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The Spill Center Program for insurance companies is producing big savings for both Insurers and their Insureds who are involved in environmental releases requiring cleanup. If you represent an insurance company and haven’t yet looked into the Spill Center program, here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should check it out.

  1. Work with the experts. Spill Center is a leading spill support and environmental claims management company with 28 years of experience assessing and managing spills throughout North America. Experienced technical and environmental specialists are ready to assist registered customers in any spill emergency in their dealings with regulatory authorities, cleanup contractors and third-party claimants.
  1. Reduce Risk. Experienced Spill Center compliance associates are on call 24/7 to provide registered users with expert spill management advice, coordination of response and regulatory reporting assistance. Spill Center is always on the job to help users through any spill of hazardous materials, fuel or other regulated substances, enabling customers to control costs and limit potential liability claims.
  1. Planning a Spill. Spill Center offers users assistance with creating a contingency plan designed to boost their preparedness to properly handle accidental spills anytime, anywhere in North America. It ensures that the right people in the customer’s company are notified and the right internal and external reports are triggered. The contingency plan is the key to efficient coordination of cleanup, mitigation and reporting efforts.
  1. Cleaning Up Spills. Spill Center maintains a database of as many as 3,000 contractors throughout North America who are experienced and qualified to respond to particular kinds of spills. The program provides information on contractors who are available in the vicinity of the spill, and the customer makes the selection. Spill generators are only charged for the services that they request.
  1. Limit Liability. All reporting and remediation activities performed on the customer’s behalf are documented to limit any potential environmental liability. Automated systems can track incidents, produce standard and customized reports and generate root cause analysis data to help spill generators identify conditions and trends to improve safety.
  1. Second Opinion. Spill Center retains consultants with expertise on a range of environmental and technical topics to challenge official findings by environmental regulators that could be very costly after spills. These second opinions, often related to the nature of hazardous waste involved in a spill, waste disposal options and acceptable site remediation, can reduce the cost of the incident significantly.
  1. Informed Decision-making. The program helps spill generators make informed decisions on the best response to every spill – whether to have employees clean it up or call in contractors. Incidents are evaluated in real time and the spill generator is advised on how to respond in a fast, cost-effective manner, while keeping employees safe.
  1. Invoice Auditing Service. An expert review of charges from cleanup contractors, emergency responders and other service providers is also available to your insureds enrolled in the Spill Center program. This auditing service ensures fair pricing (based on accepted standards) and accuracy. Any inflated charges are negotiated down as part of the service.
  1. Avoid Reporting Fines. Eliminate the risk of fines and penalties for failing to comply with regulatory reporting requirements. Spill Center monitors as many as 30,000 federal, state and local jurisdictions in North America that require incident reports after a spill to help spill generators avoid fines and penalties for missing reporting deadlines. All required incident reports, written and by telephone, can be completed on behalf of your customers – correctly and on time.

And the top reason to register in the Spill Center program?

  1. Control Spill Costs. The program is designed to improve your customer’s preparedness to handle spills requiring cleanup and reporting, efficiently and cost-effectively. If a customer decides that he requires Spill Center’s fee-based services, he pays only for the services that he selects. The customer is in control of which services he wants to pay for and which ones his employees will handle.

For more information about the Spill Center program custom-tailored for insurance companies, call Spill Center President Tom Moses at 978-568-1922 to discuss a custom-tailored program for your company. E-mail him at Details about Spill Center are found at the integrated website at