Spill Reporting Experts Help You Avoid Penalties After Spills

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Spill Centerâ„¢ completes more spill incident reports on behalf of clients than any other organization in North America. We routinely file incident reporting forms along with all required local, state/provincial and federal spill reports, both written and by telephone, as part of our spill-related services. We complete more than 300 incident reports each month.

Because we continuously review and update environmental regulatory requirements, Spill Center customers can rest assured that their spill reports will go to the right authorities within the time frame specified, avoiding fines and penalties for late reporting and non-compliance. We’ve been helping customers navigate the environmental regulatory maze for 28 years and have grown to become the North American spill support and environmental claims leader.

Satisfied customers keep us growing by word of mouth. We received feedback from a safety director of a long-time Spill Center transportation client whose fleet runs 48 states as well as Canada and Mexico, traveling through hundreds of different jurisdictions which require reports after spills. Here’s what he told us:

“There is absolutely no way on Earth we could keep track of the reporting regulations in all those individual cities, counties, states and federal reporting jurisdictions that we travel through. Knowing that Spill Center stays on top of all of the regulatory requirements is a relief,” he said. “We like working with Spill Center because of the ease of reporting and the quality of their employees. You’re talking to people who know exactly what needs to be done – and they do it efficiently and professionally.”

We maintain a database of more than 3,000 environmental cleanup contractors who are equipped to respond to accidental releases of pollutants and are ready to respond to your emergency anywhere in North America. Contractors provide us with profiles of their operations, including details on their capabilities, personnel, equipment, coverages and other information that we need to qualify them to work on your behalf.

When your company is involved in a spill, we provide a list of available contractors in the vicinity of the incident who are qualified to handle the spilled materials. You select from the list and we dispatch them to the site and coordinate the cleanup and disposal. We also contact the authorities at the scene and keep you in the loop throughout the operation.

Customers pay an annual fee based on the support level required. In the event of a spill, they pay only for the services that they request, which are billed at an hourly rate. You are always in control of which services you want us to provide and which ones your employees will handle.

To find out more about Spill Center services and how to become a customer, visit our website, www.spillcenter.com, call me at 978-568-1922 or email me at tmoses@spillcenter.com. We can boost your spill preparedness overnight.