Spill Center’s SCCOM App Offers Quick Link to Experts

anne Technology

Fast response is needed after an environmental release to contain the spillage and avoid setting off a complicated and potentially expensive chain of events. Spill Center’s app for mobile devices, SCCOM, offers users a direct link to technical, environmental and legal specialists who can provide expert advice and assistance after pollution events at fixed facilities and in transportation, 24/7.

Mobile technology has proven to be an invaluable asset in coordinating emergency response, cleanup and reporting of dangerous spills. SCCOM, available for smart phones and other mobile devices, displays a dynamically generated dashboard of electronic tools, tailored to the user, whether that is a truck operator, fleet safety director, plant manager, insurance adjuster or other users who need immediate access to emergency response resources and incident reporting.

The app, which provides the precise location of the release, enables a user to select from a list of Spill Center resources, including nearby cleanup contractors, environmental consultants, legal assistance, technical advisors and incident reporting specialists, among other services. Spill Center compliance associates are experienced in managing emergency response operations and completing all required incident reports, by phone and in writing, to avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with environmental regulations.