Spill Center™ Saves Clients Money After Spill Events?

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Spill Center’s mission is to save clients money and limit any potential third-party liability after environmental spills involving hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated substances. We do that by bringing the right resources to bear quickly for a faster response to a spill event – whether on the road in a transportation accident or at a fixed location. We keep the spill’s impact and client costs to a minimum because the faster the response, the less damage to the environment and less cleanup costs.

The Spill Center program centralizes spill reporting to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. That is a top priority because failure to make reports on time can result in fines and penalties for spill generators who are not prepared to comply with the rules of each jurisdiction where spills occur. Remember, insurance companies do not pay these fines and penalties. That’s on you. We know who to report the spill to and by when.

No client has ever been fined for non-compliance who has followed our procedures and contacted us in a timely manner. We file more DOT 5800.1 incident reports after spills that any other organization in North America. Because of our experience, we were invited to participate in the U.S. DOT’s advanced notice of proposed rulemaking DOT 5800.1 Task Force.

Our staff of experienced compliance associates handle environmental releases on a daily basis, 24/7, so your personnel do not need to spend time maintaining current regulatory information or keep resources at the ready for managing spills that occur at night, on weekends and holidays. We are on the job 365 days a year to respond immediately in support of your company after spills. We coordinate with authorities at the scene, manage the cleanup operation, and file all required reports, by phone and in writing.

As part of our client services, we prepare documentation to place your company in a legally defensible position after a spill in the event of third-party liability lawsuits. You avoid the cost of document preparation, which continues to rise as government paperwork requirements related to hazmat are expanded.

We also offer an invoice auditing service that looks for inappropriate and unfair charges on invoices from cleanup contractors, fire departments, and other emergency response agencies that bill our clients or seek reimbursement for services. We have been very successful at negotiating down such charges and reducing costs to clients.

What’s the Spill Center program cost?

Clients pay an annual subscriber fee based on the level of services they desire and an hourly fee for work performed at their direction. The annual fee covers the cost of preparation and maintenance of a spill contingency plan tailored to the needs of each client’s operations. The written plan includes claim handling instructions and a security plan for every client, plus around-the-clock access to Spill Center’s staff of legal, environmental and technical specialists.

To learn how to boost your spill preparedness, please visit the Spill Center website at www.spillcenter.com. I invite you to call me directly at (978) 568-1922 to discuss how we can be of service to your company. Or email me at tmoses@spillcenter.com. I believe we can help you reduce your company’s risk and improve your ability to put spill events behind you cost-effectively and professionally.