Spill Center Protects Underwriters While Enhancing Value Proposition

Alan Blume Communication, Technology

Insurance underwriters working with clients at risk of generating environmental spills can now offer more competitive rates, minimize payouts and loss ratio, reduce risk exposure, and close claims faster while offering value-add services that differentiate their policies from the rest.

Empower your clients to select proven contractors. Enabling them with the Spill Center mobile app means a mishap doesn’t have to become a million-dollar mess. Many potential spill generators are still using 30-year-old reporting practices that are slow and error-prone. Protect your organization, increase sales and margins, and reduce risk all by giving potential spill generators a tool they’ll be glad to have.

Leveraging the Spill Center Mobile Reporting App can reduce damage to the environment and help control your clients’ reputation. To learn more about how Spill Center serves underwriters, contact us.

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