Spill Center Offers Resources To Insurers and Their Insureds

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Insurance companies that partner with Spill Center are learning that they can save money by becoming proactive in assisting their insureds who experience environmental spills requiring clean up and reporting. Spills of hazardous materials and other regulated substances happen every day. Most are not the serious headline-generating releases, but they must be handled with concern, urgency and a commitment to satisfy regulatory authorities.

Spill Center offers an Insurance Partnership program that is tailored to the needs of each insurance company. The program enables insurers to stay on top of their customers’ environmental spills so they can assist with handling the spill while containing spill-related costs and limiting any potential liability.

Spill generators who fail to comply with federal, state/provincial and local environmental regulations can be hit with fines and penalties. But by registering with Spill Center under the Insurance Partnership program, they have at their disposal all the resources of Spill Center – the North American leader in spill support and environmental claims management.

Resources include current environmental reporting regulations and contact information for nearly 30,000 government agencies throughout North America. Comprehensive listings of some 3,000 qualified cleanup contractors are maintained in another database. Spill Center compliance associates, who are experienced in all aspects of emergency spill response, can immediately launch an appropriate response and coordinate with onsite authorities and contractors on the client’s behalf.

Spill Center’s team of legal, environmental and technical specialists are prepared to help respond to, contain and report pollution events, plus remediate the site and safely and legally dispose of contaminated soil and materials on behalf of clients. Spill Center has nearly three decades of experience assessing and managing environmental spills requiring cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste.

Insurance companies first enroll in the Spill Center program, then encourage their insureds to register with Spill Center – at no cost to them – to put spill support specialists on their side, 24/7, every day of the year. Once registered, insureds know who to call for help after spills. That’s the key to fast resolution of pollution events and minimizing spill costs.

Spills can be reported to Spill Center online via the Internet at a secure website, by phone or by using an integrated app for mobile devices, which pinpoints the location of the spill and provides critical information to speed up the emergency response.

For more information about Spill Center’s services, visit the website at  www.spillcenter.com or call President Tom Moses at 978-568-1922 to discuss how the Spill Center can benefit your company and your insureds. E-mail Tom at tmoses@spillcenter.com.