Spill Center™ is a Technology Company Offering Unique Response Applications

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Spill Center™, the North American leader in environmental claims management and spill support, is leading the way in technology-driven applications that speed up the emergency response and reporting aspects of environmental releases and other pollution events. The company was founded in 1990 on the belief that no company will ever have enough spills to justify creating and maintaining all the spill resources needed for adequate protection from environmental exposure.

Spill Center is headquartered in a modern facility in Hudson, Mass., which provides an advanced cybersecurity environment and the high-speed Internet connectivity needed to ensure clients’ privacy and information protection. Operations are all data-speed and security driven.

As the company develops more and more sophisticated technology in conjunction with its environmental claims management services, additional technical capabilities will be required. Cybersecurity is of utmost importance. The requirements are becoming more ubiquitous across all types of business relationships.

As Spill Center services move into Europe, South America and Asia, the company will encounter different cyber security standards. Spill Center is keeping up with them to make sure the systems will meet the needs of customers everywhere.

Spill Center is developing global standards to offer the spill support program in foreign countries, enabling clients to contact Spill Center in their own language for non-English speaking customers and insurers with worldwide operations. They will be able to contact Spill Center by phone, using a mobile app or via the secure Spill Center website.

Clients will also be able to fill out spill reporting forms online in their own language, and Spill Center will provide the support they need through a global network. To date, testing has been conducted in 19 different countries. The program will be rolled out first to Europe, then to other regions of the world. German language services are currently being developed. Spill Center services have been available in English-speaking East Africa since 2011.

Spill Center offers clients a comprehensive range of spill management services to contain costs, limit liability and keep them out of trouble with the regulatory authorities:

  • Contingency Planning – Spill Center assists clients with custom spill contingency planning for each activity that has the potential to produce a spill emergency. The plan, which is kept on Spill Center’s password-protected, integrated website for instant access, is the key to efficient coordination of the cleanup and reporting.
  • Required Spill Reports – Spill Center contingency associates can make all required incident reports within the mandatory reporting window. A database contains the latest regulations and contact information for local, state/provincial and federal jurisdictions throughout North America to ensure compliance and avoid fines and penalties.
  • Cleanup Contractors – Listings of more than 3,000 environmental cleanup contractors are kept on file with complete information on each company, including certifications and equipment. The client chooses from a list of contractors nearest the spill site. Spill Center receives no compensation for referrals.
  • Cleanup Management -Spill Center helps clients contain the costs of spill cleanup and site remediation by coordinating the response and actively managing the contractors on site. The Spill Center team communicates with emergency and environmental officials at the scene and keeps clients in the loop throughout.
  • Informed Decisions – Spill Center helps clients make informed decisions on the best response to every spill – whether to have employees clean it up or call in contractors. Incidents are evaluated in real time, and the client is advised on how to respond in a fast, cost-effective manner while keeping employees safe.
  • Expert Consultancy – Spill Center retains consultants with expertise on a range of technical topics to challenge official findings by environmental regulators that could be very costly to clients. In addition, Spill Center has on staff experienced legal, technical and environmental specialists.
  • Document all Activities – Thorough documentation of all reporting and remediation activities performed on behalf of clients is provided to limit environmental liability and establish a legal defense against any third-party claims that might arise from spills.
  • Invoice Auditing – Experienced auditors are available for expert review of charges from cleanup contractors, emergency responders and other service providers to ensure fair pricing (based on accepted standards) and accuracy. Any inflated charges are negotiated downward by Spill Center.
  • Automated Systems – Proprietary systems developed by Spill Center are designed to track incidents, produce standard and customized reports to identify conditions and trends, and generate root-cause analysis data for clients. The information can be used to improve safety.
  • Spill Training – Spill Center training sessions are available to teach a client’s managers, employees and customers how to activate their own emergency response management and reporting systems to minimize costs and liability arising from a hazmat, fuel or chemical spill. Included is an interactive workshop, hands-on exercises and an “Ask the Expert” session.

Spill Center’s clients are always in control of which services they want Spill Center to provide and which ones their employees will handle. Clients pay only for the services that they request. The Spill Center program is designed to improve the client’s preparedness to handle spills efficiently and cost-effectively and avoid making wrong decisions that could cost plenty.

For more information about Spill Center services, visit our website at www.spillcenter.com. Don’t hesitate to call me at 978-568-1922 or email me at tmoses@spillcenter.com. I promise that w e can help boost your spill preparedness overnight.