Spill Center™ Client Base Ranges from Truck Fleets to Insurance

anne General Information

In the 29 years since Spill Center™ was launched as a resource to help companies through the regulatory maze related to environmental spills, our client base has grown to cover a wide range of industries and businesses. And in that time, Spill Center has grown to become the North American leader in spill support and environmental claims management.

Transporters and shippers whose operations carry them through many environmental protection agency jurisdictions came aboard early. They find it too time consuming to stay up to date with the spill reporting regulations, which vary from one locality to another, both in reportable quantity and time after spill to report.

More than 3,000 federal, state/provincial and local jurisdictions throughout North America require reports from spill generators within a specified time frame after an incident. Failure to comply with those reporting requirements can produce stiff fines and penalties. Our clients rest easy knowing that Spill Center maintains a database of detailed reporting requirements and contact information to keep them in compliance wherever their equipment travels and wherever they operate facilities. Spill Center personnel complete more spill reports for clients than any other company in North America.

Early on we worked at enrolling truck fleets, large and small, then truck leasing and rental companies. Chemical manufacturers and others at risk for spills of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated substances started enrolling in the Spill Center program. Insurance companies enrolled as a proactive measure to minimize spill-related costs by getting involved with their customers soon after spills occur. And they encouraged their insureds to enroll as a way to avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with reporting laws.

Active Cleanup Management

Spill Center helps clients contain the costs of spill cleanup and site remediation by efficiently coordinating the response and actively managing the contractors on site. We present clients with a list of available contractors near the spill site who are equipped to handle the spill. We communicate with emergency and environmental officials at the scene to satisfy them that Spill Center is managing the cleanup and not to call in more resources than are needed. And we keep our clients in the loop, informing them of the actions being taken and reports made on their behalf, right through to closure of the case.

Another service available to our clients is professional auditing to check the accuracy and appropriateness of line items on invoices from emergency responders and contractors. Any charges that seem unreasonable, out of line with the project or inflated are negotiated down.

Spill Center provides immediate spill management and required documentation, comprehensive regulatory expertise, clean-up contractor referral and a proven method designed to place the spill generator in a legally defensible position – all in a low-cost way proven to control costs and limit liability.

For more information on our program of services, email me a tmoses@spillcenter.com or call us at 800-456-9038 to discuss the benefits of signing on with Spill Center and learn more about our experience helping companies like yours get past spill incidents and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with reporting regulations.