Spill Center™ Can Save You Money After a Pollution Event

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Spill Center™, the North American leader in spill support and environmental claims management, has been saving clients money after spills of hazardous materials and other pollution events for 26 years. We bring the right resources to bear quickly for a fast response to spill incidents to minimize damage to the environment and limit spill-related expenses.

The Spill Center program also centralizes spill reporting to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. We maintain a database of nearly 30,000 federal, state, provincial and local jurisdictions throughout North America that require reports after spills. We stay current with changes in regulations, agency contact information and reporting requirements to help our clients avoid fines and penalties for late reporting or failing to report.

We tailor our menu of services to the needs of any company at risk for pollution events and environmental releases of all kinds, whether from storage tanks, pipelines, property development, manufacturing, railroad operations and other commercial transportation businesses. We save clients money in the following ways:

  • Reduced Staffing Needs – We have experienced compliance associates who handle spills on a daily basis, around the clock, so our clients do not have to maintain information and resources for spill handling and do not have to stay ready to manage spills that occur at night, on weekends and holidays. We are here for that.
  • Legal Documentation – We prepare an electronic documentation package after each spill to place the client in a legally defensible position against third-party claimants to avoid being included as a responsible party to a pre-existing contamination problem. The client avoids the cost of document preparation.
  • Lower Cleanup Charges – We offer invoice auditing service that identifies unfair and inappropriate charges from cleanup contractors, fire departments and other emergency response agencies that bill our clients for services. We are successful at negotiating down such charges and reducing costs to clients.
  • No Fines or Penalties – We know who requires reports, so clients do not get hit with fines or penalties for failure to report.

Spill Center files more DOT 5800.1 incident reports than any other organizations on behalf of clients in North America. We guarantee that your company will not be fined or penalized for non-compliance with hazmat reporting regulations as long as you follow our procedures and contact us in a timely manner. No client in our system who has called in a spill has ever been fined for non-compliance.

Let’s talk. Call me directly at 978-568-1922, x222 or email me at tmoses@spillcenter.com. I promise that we can help boost your spill preparedness overnight.