Restaurant Grease Spill Puts Spill Center Team on the Job

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Not all environmental spills that Spill Center™ handles involve diesel fuel or hazardous chemicals. Recently a client called our hotline to request assistance with a spill of restaurant grease that had released from a drum while a third-party vendor was picking up the product. In this case, we were asked to make telephonic reports to state and local agencies, which we did immediately.

We worked closely with our client, who had dispatched a contractor to perform the cleanup and dispose of the grease. Later we sent the required legal follow-up letters to close the incident. While the whole messy event didn’t take long to handle, the client was glad that a call to Spill Center was all it took to stay in compliance with the required reporting regulations.

Other incidents require handling over an extended period. Another Spill Center client, a vendor of lawn care products, had a release of ammonia-based fertilizer. The spill resulted in the evacuation of an adjacent property. Immediately upon notification, we dispatched a cleanup contractor, and we took care of the initial telephonic regulatory reporting to federal, state and local agencies. We followed up with the necessary written reports, including a federal DOT 5800.1 Form. We continued to monitor the situation until an all-clear order was issued.

The Spill Center team is on the job 24/7 every day of the year to support clients after environmental spills. We offer environmental, technical and legal expertise and provide services such as spill assessment, assistance with qualified cleanup contractors, regulatory reporting, even auditing of invoices from contractors and emergency response agencies demanding reimbursement for their services. We are experienced at negotiating down invoices that appear inflated and out-of-line with standard industry pricing practices.

Spills are all we do. So we know what it takes to handle them efficiently and professionally to help our clients contain spill-related costs, avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with environmental regulations, and limit any potential liability arising from releases.

For information about Spill Center’s services, visit our integrated website: Or call me directly at 978-568-1922, x222. Email me at I look forward to hearing from you and explaining how we can boost your spill preparedness overnight.