Report Environmental Spills Fast Using Spill Center™ Mobile App

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Reporting an environmental spill or requesting assistance has never been faster or easier. Download Spill Center’s spill reporting application for mobile devices and increase your readiness to respond quickly to and report spills of pollutants and other regulated substances. The mobile app, SCCOM, provides the ability for users to report spills from anywhere using a mobile device and to immediately begin to respond, report, clean up and safely dispose of spilled materials by automatically reporting location and user information.

The advanced mobile app features a dynamically generated dashboard of electronic tools, tailored to the user’s profile – whether that’s a truck operator, fleet manager, plant safety officer, insurance adjuster, or other user who needs immediate access to emergency response resources and incident reporting assistance.

Available for Apple, Blackberry and Android devices, the app provides instant communication with Spill Center’s 24/7 operations to immediately begin coordinating the response and making all required incident reports. Download the app at no charge from Google Play, the Apple Store and Blackberry World. If you’re not yet a Spill Center client, first go online to and enroll in the Spill Center program.

SCCOM enables an intelligent, automated workflow, providing a link that gives the user everything needed to handle and report pollution events. Clicking on the app triggers a coordinated effort that includes communication with a Spill Center Compliance Associate who is experienced in working with authorities at the spill site, completing required incident reports and managing cleanup and site remediation operations.

The Spill Center program is designed to help spill generators contain costs, minimize damage to the environment and limit potential third-party liability. SCCOM provides user ID, spill location information and the ability to request cleanup and safe disposal of spilled materials quickly and easily.

When the user opens the app, a list of available Spill Center resources appears on the screen along with a map indicating the precise location of the spill. The user can select the type of assistance needed. The interface provides details about the spill to Spill Center, which begins coordinating an appropriate response and preparing incident reports.

The mobile app gives our clients the power of timely and accurate incident reporting to avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with environmental regulations. It also provides the ability to respond quickly in order to mitigate damages and contain spill-related costs. An alert distribution feature is an integral part of the app, enabling users to create groups of contacts for various levels of notification. The user can also post photos of incidents to spill reports and review past incidents.

SCCOM users include Spill Center subscribers in the insurance, chemical, environmental and transportation industries – from the largest truckload, less-than-truckload and private fleets to small fleets – to improve their preparedness to handle pollution events and other environmental spills requiring emergency response, cleanup, waste disposal and required reporting.

Our primary objective is helping you contain your spill-related costs, limit your liability and keep you from incurring fines and penalties. For more information on the Spill Center program and to learn how it can boost your spill preparedness, visit our integrated website at Or call Tom Moses, Spill Center president, at 978-568-1922 to discuss your company’s needs. Email Tom at