Put Spill Center™ on Your Team For Support After Pollution Events

anne Benefits

Fuel spills, hazardous materials releases and other pollution events can happen to any company at any time. Knowing how to respond quickly and efficiently can keep your costs to a minimum and help you avoid fines and penalties for failure to comply with environmental regulations.

Spill Center™, North America’s spill support and environmental claims management leader, serves clients in the transportation, insurance, chemical and manufacturing industries. We keep them out of trouble with the authorities after spills of all kinds.

If you don’t know us, let me give you a brief rundown of our services designed to help clients navigate the regulatory maze. Since 1990, Spill Center™ has been providing immediate support to clients who are at risk from environmental releases of hazardous materials and other regulated substances. Our mission is to help clients contain costs and limit potential liability after pollution events at their facilities and in transportation – on the road, at sea and over rails. We are on call 24/7 to provide:

  • Immediate spill management
  • Comprehensive regulatory expertise
  • Timely, accurate spill reporting
  • Automated alerting of key managers
  • Spill contingency planning
  • Cleanup contractor referrals
  • Coordination of cleanup operations
  • Contractor invoice auditing
  • Thorough documentation
  • Claims resolution and negotiation
  • Integrated mobile app for spill alerting

Spill Center has developed a proven method to place you in a legally defensible position against third-party claimants and help you avoid being included as a responsible party to a pre-existing contamination problem.

We do it all in a low-cost way designed to help you minimize costs and limit liability arising from accidental environmental releases requiring cleanup and reporting.

For information about Spill Center’s services, visit the website: www.spillcenter.com. Or call me directly at 978-568-1922, x222. Email me at tmoses@spillcenter.com. I look forward to hearing from you and explaining how we can boost your spill preparedness overnight.