Pollution Risks for Property Owners

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Are you at risk from pollution conditions or other environmental liabilities as a real estate owner, operator, developer, manager or investor? Prior or current ownership, operation, maintenance and use of real property, as well as the actions of third-parties, including tenants, involve risks that can result in environmental exposures, observes Tom Moses, president of Spill Centerâ„¢, North America’s leader in spill support and environmental claims management.

“Undetected damage to the environment can occur slowly, having been released into the soil, ambient air, surface or ground water over time. As a result, problems arising from these releases might not be discovered for years,” says Tom, who is a former U.S. EPA toxicologist. He holds a law degree and a certificate in hazardous materials control and emergency response.

Owners of commercial property face a host of environmental exposures, many of which are intangible and hard to quantify, that can be devastating to their businesses. Owners might find themselves liable for environmental conditions they had little to do with or knew little about, especially following an acquisition, merger or redevelopment. Environmental risks such as historic contamination can be very difficult to manage effectively.

Spill Center offers 24/7 assistance with damage assessment, cleanup, disposal and reporting obligations. “We have nearly three decades of experience assessing and managing environmental spills requiring cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste,” relates Tom. Spill Center offers clients a menu of spill-related services, including:

  • Tracking of fast changing environmental regulations
  • Coordination and filing of required regulatory reports
  • Help with coordination of cleanup activities – from the initial response through release closure
  • Notification of your in-house spill team or company contacts, if requested
  • Complete data package of outgoing correspondence

At Risk for Environmental Releases?

Pollution conditions on site, off site, at disposal sites or as a result of transportation operations can result in governmental and third-party cleanup claims and third-party lawsuits seeking damages for bodily injury or property damage. An environmental pollution event that requires cleanup and reporting can set off a complicated and potentially expensive chain of events.

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, if you are at risk for environmental releases of hazardous materials, petroleum products or other regulated substances, you can improve your ability to respond quickly and efficiently by enrolling as a Spill Center client. Spill Center has the experience and expertise needed to help clients contain costs and limit liability related to environmental releases requiring cleanup.

“Environmental liability laws are written in such a way that no matter who causes a release, the party who has ‘care, custody and control’ of the material at the time of loss is the one legally responsible to respond, contain and report the pollution event, plus remediate the site and safely and legally dispose of the contaminated soil and material,” explains Tom.

Spill Center has been serving companies at risk for environmental spills since 1990, helping clients prepare comprehensive contingency plans and providing immediate support to spill generators who have to deal with environmental agencies and their reporting requirements.

Spill Center’s team of legal, environmental and technical specialists are prepared to help respond to, contain and report pollution events, plus remediate the site and safely and legally dispose of contaminated soil and materials on behalf of clients.

Clients pay an annual fee based on the support level they select. In the event of a spill, they pay only for the services that they request, which are billed at an hourly rate. “You are always in control of which services you want us to provide and which ones your employees will handle,” notes Tom.

For more information about Spill Center’s services, visit the integrated website at www.spillcenter.com or call Tom directly at 978-568-1922. E-mail him at tmoses@spillcenter.com.