North American Spill Coverage Vital to Leading Snack Producer

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Spill Center™ provides spill management and reporting services for a variety of industries, including transportation, insurance, chemical and manufacturing. Our team of compliance associates provides expert advice on incident reporting, spill management and qualified cleanup contractors. We maintain a database of reporting requirements and contact information for jurisdictions throughout North America, and we complete more reports for clients than any other organization in North America.

One client that we work with on a regular basis is a leading snack producing company whose fleet of delivery trucks travels the length and breadth of the nation. We handle everything for the company related to environmental releases of diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and other dangerous materials that spill from trucks involved in accidents. We complete all required reporting and assist in the cleanup.

Caring for the environment is so important to this client that we are asked to handle complete regulatory reporting on every spill that a company vehicle is involved in – regardless of the quantity. That has been as many as 10 spills a month. Releases have occurred from 18-wheelers, box trucks and step vans making deliveries of snack products to convenience stores and markets across the USA. In January, we handled incidents for the company in North Dakota, Texas, New York and Indiana.

We were called to manage a fuel spill after a delivery truck struck a deer (which happens quite often) in New York state. We initially assisted by contacting a cleanup crew and making the necessary reports to the N.Y. regulatory authorities. We managed the job until the contractor disposed of the waste at a state-approved disposal facility and all invoices from the contractor had been reviewed.

Reporting is an important aspect of the Spill Center program. We maintain a database with the latest regulations and contact information for some 30,000 jurisdictions throughout North America requiring reports after environmental releases. That is a valuable asset to our clients because, depending on the location and type of spill, up to a dozen different reports might be required.

We maintain comprehensive information on more than 3,000 environmental cleanup contractors who are equipped to quickly respond to accidental spills throughout North America and are ready to respond to calls after an accidental spill or other pollution event requiring cleanup. Contractors provide us with details about their capabilities, personnel, equipment, coverages and other information that we need to qualify them to work on behalf of our clients.

After a spill, we provide the client with a list of available contractors who are qualified to handle the spilled materials in the vicinity of the incident from which they can select. Spill Center receives no compensation from contractors. The listings are provided as a service to our clients.

For more information about Spill Center services, visit our website at Don’t hesitate to call me directly at 978-568-1922, x222 or email me at I promise that we can help boost your spill preparedness overnight.