New Video Offers Guidelines on Dealing with the Media After a Spill

anne Communication

Good PR doesn’t just happen, especially in a crisis situation. But that’s when you need it most. A new educational video from Spill Center, the North American leader in spill support and environmental claims management, offers sound advice on dealing with the media during a spill emergency. The video offers guidelines on crisis communications planning and openness with the press that can help you as spill generator keep your reputation untarnished.

Preparedness is key. Pre-spill planning starts with the appointment of a company spokesperson whose job will be to gather all available information (who, what, where, when, how, and what’s next). Additional team members should be assigned the task of notifying the company’s other stakeholders, including employees, customers, community leaders and the families of any victims, about the incident.

General information about the company should be prepared in the form of a back-grounder that can be kept on file and distributed to reporters at the time of an incident. Include details about the size of the fleet, the company’s good safety record, community    service and other positive information that helps position the company as a responsible and upstanding corporate citizen.

View the video for more tips on how to generate good PR for your company after a pollution event or spill of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated substances. For more on spill management, containing spill-related costs and minimizing potential liability, call Spill Center at (978) 568-1922.