New Mobile App for Spill Reporting

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Spill Center has developed a web-based mobile phone application for emergency response communications and management which incorporates the latest QR Code technology. Called SpillConnect, this new app is customizable and designed to enable Spill Center subscribers to respond quickly to spills and other emergencies in order to control costs, according to Tom Moses, Spill Center president

A QR Code or Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional bar code which is readable by Smart Phones and other cellular phones with digital cameras, as well as by QR Code scanners. A free QR Code reader is downloaded to the phone in order to use the technology. Taking a picture of the code, launches the information stored in it

The SpillConnect app contains spill contingency plans, claim handling instructions, material safety data sheets and company contact information. It can be printed on wallet cards, stickers to be affixed to the dashboard, fuel tanks and other vehicle locations, on facility posters and documents

“For the first time, Spill Center subscribers can instantly activate customized emergency response plans and access vital information by pointing a Smart Phone at the QR Code,” relates Tom. “A driver involved in a spill of diesel fuel or hazardous material, for example, only has to snap a picture of the code to access spill reporting tools via his phone.”

Details about the carrier’s emergency response system can be accessed – even a response agreement from a local cleanup contractor can be downloaded through the SpillConnect app. The technology is available now to all Spill Center subscribers. For more information on Spill Connect, call Spill Center at 978-568-1922.

“SpillConnect provides the fastest way to respond to spills and problems involving hazmat,” notes Tom. “Only Spill Center has combined proven emergency response management technologies and superior communications systems with QR Code information and the speed of scanning,” he says. This app will allow our subscribers to respond faster than ever before.”

In another technology development, a mobile version of Spill Center’s website can be accessed at It can be used for online spill reporting, crisis management communications and enrollment in the Spill Center program. To add an icon to an iPhone or other Apple device, hit the middle button at the bottom of the browser window, then select “Add to Home Screen.”