Message to Insurance Companies On Value of Spill Center™ Partners

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Your transportation clients are at high risk for spills of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated materials because of the law relating to strict liability. It holds that the carrier having care, custody and control of a material at the time of the loss is responsible for the cleanup, site remediation and reporting of the spill – whether the accident was the truck driver’s fault or not.

Fast, accurate reporting is the key to avoid running afoul of the environmental laws, which require incident reports within the time stipulated in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which the spill occurred. The best way to help your clients avoid regulatory pitfalls and fines and penalties for non-compliance with reporting regulations is to introduce them to a convenient and effective system featuring:

  • Quick and accurate spill reporting to keep spill generators in compliance
  • Cleanup contractor referrals and coordination with officials at the scene
  • Notification of fleet or company headquarters to keep key execs in the loop
  • Management of the response and cleanup to minimize spill-related costs

Spill Center, the North American leader in spill support and environmental claims management, can show you how our proprietary spill reporting technology can reduce risk and enhance profitability both for you as the insurer and for your insureds. Your customers can enroll in the program at no cost. Then they pay only for the Spill Center services that they need after a spill.

Insurers enrolled in Spill Center’s Insurance Partnership Program see the program of spill support for their insureds as an innovative way to increase preparedness to handle environmental releases, while minimizing spill-related costs and potential liability after spills.

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