Late-night Spill Surprise

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Your phone wakes you up in the middle of the night. A voice on the other end is telling you that one of your trucks was involved in an accident and spilled 50 gallons of diesel fuel. What do you do first?

If you’re a Spill Center client, you make one toll-free call and place the management of the emergency spill cleanup and reporting in the capable hands of an experienced Spill Center compliance associate. For more than 20 years, Spill Center has been a leader at coordinating emergency spill response and guiding our clients through the regulatory maze surrounding environmental releases of hazardous materials in transportation and at fixed facilities.

We’re on the job 24/7. Our team includes legal, technical and environmental specialists who are experienced in regulatory reporting, spill cleanup coordination, documentation of compliance activities and auditing of contractor and emergency responder invoices. You pay only for the services that you request. Our program is designed to help you contain spill-related costs and limit your liability after a spill.

As you know, releases of diesel fuel, hazardous materials and other regulated substances require a fast response to minimize expenses and damage to the environment. Staying in compliance with the environmental regulations can be challenging, too, especially with regards to incident reporting. Reportable spilled quantities vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, as do time limits on making reports. And spills often involve multiple jurisdictions, each with its own reporting requirements, which confuse the issue further.

Spill Center maintains up-to-date reporting requirements and contacts of nearly 30,000 jurisdictions throughout North America. We also have complete information on more than 3,000 qualified environmental cleanup contractors in the U.S. and Canada – and we do not charge for referrals. Clients pay an annual registration fee. Beyond that, you pay only for services that we render at your direction.

If you are not a Spill Center client, please visit our interactive website to learn how we can improve your readiness to handle spill emergencies efficiently and cost-effectively. Tom Moses, president, will be happy to answer your questions. Call him directly at 978-568-1922, x222, or email Tom at