Keeping Up With Technology To Handle Environmental Spills

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Advances in technology have served to make reporting accidental releases of hazardous materials and other regulated substances faster and more efficient than ever before. Technology has always played a major role in Spill Centerâ„¢ operations. We launched the company in 1990 as an environmental claims management company serving the transportation, chemical and insurance industries. Since then we have grown to become a North American technology leader in spill support services, electronic emergency response management systems and superior communications.

Initially systems were developed to manage our own data and support our operations. Soon the mission was expanded beyond managing environmental claims to providing information quickly to spill generators. We began delivering solutions to help level the playing field for spill generators who suddenly were forced to deal with regulatory authorities, cleanup contractors and third-party claimants.

The company worked to become an emergency communications center and a fast, reliable clearinghouse of information. Our client list has grown to include the largest LTL and private fleets to small fleets, chemical, environmental and insurance companies and truck leasing companies. Our advanced spill reporting app for mobile devices, SCCOM, makes requesting assistance and reporting spills as immediate as clicking a button on your smart phone.

A key resource is our database of current regulations and contacts for nearly 30,000 federal, state/provincial and local jurisdictions to help clients comply with regulatory reporting. A contractor database contains updated listings of more than 3,000 environmental cleanup contractors throughout North America, along with their capabilities, equipment and personnel qualifications. Spill Center provides clients with a list of contractors in the vicinity of their spills from which to select, ensuring fast response to limit environmental damage. We accept no compensation from contractors for this service.

Spill Center staff includes legal, technical and environmental specialists experienced in regulatory reporting, spill cleanup coordination, documentation of compliance activities, database maintenance and auditing of contractor and emergency responder invoices. Spill Center Compliance Associates are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to provide support for clients involved in environmental spills of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated substances.

The Spill Center team routinely completes US DOT Incident Reporting Forms along with all required local, state, provincial and federal spill reports as part of the program of spill-related services for clients. Spill Center completes more incident reports for clients than any other organization in the USA – more than 300 each month. The company was recognized with a seat on the US DOT Task Force on proposed rulemaking for the DOT 5800.1 Incident Report.

To complement a client’s existing fleet safety and compliance programs, Spill Center’s round-the-clock support program ensures adequate response at night and during weekends and holidays. It also helps reduce our clients’ administrative costs associated with keeping track of reporting requirements for each jurisdiction through which their equipment travels. In addition, Spill Center has developed proprietary automated systems to track incidents, produce standard and customized reports and generate root cause analysis data for clients. The information helps managers identify conditions and trends that can be addressed within their organizations to improve safety.

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