Is Your Company Prepared for a $15,000 Fuel Spill?

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Do you know who to call after a fuel spill or other pollution event, 24/7, 365 days a year?

Your best bet is Spill Center – a North American leader in spill support and environmental claims management.

Most companies do not deal with spills often enough to become expert at controlling costs and limiting liability. It’s a relief to know somebody is in your corner – only a phone call or a mouse-click away.

About half of the fuel spills processed by Spill Center involve ruptured truck saddle tanks or damaged fuel lines. The average amount of fuel released is just over 100 gallons, and the per-incident cost can top $15,000.

The carrier having care, custody and control of a material at the time of loss is considered the spill generator and is responsible for spill damages, cleanup costs and making all required incident reports, both by phone and written.

The reports need to be submitted to the appropriate authorities within the time stipulated by each agency. Insurance policies do not cover late fees and penalties for failing to comply with the regulations. Knowing who requires reports and by when, then completing them, is the key to staying out of trouble with the authorities.

Spill Center’s expertise in spill management and environmental claims handling has helped hundreds of clients in the transportation, chemical and insurance industries control costs, limit liability and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with reporting regulations.

For more information on Spill Center’s program of services, contact Tom Moses, president, at 978-568-1922, ext. 222, or