Insurers Welcome Spill Program for Their Clients 

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Since Spill Center™ started offering its program of environmental spill support and claims management to the insurance industry, the response has been very positive. Insurers participating in the program encourage their insureds to enroll as Spill Center clients at no charge. The benefit? To improve their readiness to quickly report and respond to environmental releases of hazardous materials, petroleum products and other regulated substances whenever and wherever they occur. Bottom line for both insurers and their clients? Spill-related costs are contained and any potential liability is minimized.

One insurance company that recently partnered with Spill Center reports that the savings started mounting up as soon as users started submitting spills through the program. “We started noticing a significant savings after users submitted about 30 spills soon after we joined Spill Center,” noted a representative of the insurer. “By addressing these emergencies in a timely manner through Spill Center, we have seen 20% to 25% in cost savings.”

Spill Center’s support program is designed to help spill generators deal with spill emergencies and required regulatory reporting without expending their own resources to build and maintain their own spill emergency response system. By managing spills throughout North America, Spill Center compliance associates know what works and what saves clients money, according to president and founder Tom Moses, a former U.S. EPA toxicologist who has a law degree and a certificate in Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response.

“We deal with environmental releases and other pollution events every day on behalf of clients, who invariably file claims with their insurers to recover spill-related costs. So we decided to approach insurance companies with a plan to enroll their insureds in our program to contain costs and limit potential third-party liability claims after spills requiring cleanup and reporting,” relates Mr. Moses.

The program, which is tailored to insurers’ preferences, offers assistance to their insureds with regulatory reporting, spill response management and coordination with authorities at spill sites, he explains. Systems have been developed by Spill Center for spill response, documentation and reporting as well as North America-wide cleanup contractor referrals and disposal resources. Spill Center compliance associates are on the job 24/7 every day of the year to provide immediate assistance to clients.

“Insureds enrolled in the program are better prepared to handle environmental spills and pollution events, which can result in lower spill-related costs, directly benefiting the insurance company,” Mr. Moses observes. Companies enrolled in the program rely on Spill Center to provide expertise in spill management and regulatory matters to avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with local, state/provincial and federal reporting rules.

Spill Center maintains a database of current reporting requirements and contact information covering nearly 30,000 environmental agency jurisdictions throughout North America. Another database contains comprehensive information on more than 3,000 pre-qualified environmental cleanup contractors who are equipped to respond to spills and pollution events. Spill Center provides referrals to clients, without taking any compensation from contractors.

For more information on Spill Center’s program of spill support and environmental management services for the insurance industry, call Tom Moses at 978-568-1922, or email him at