Insurance Underwriters Benefit By Partnering with Spill Center™

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Since 1990, Spill Center™ has provided emergency response resources, regulatory reporting, environmental claims management and communications systems to government and industry worldwide. Now Insurance underwriters working with clients at risk for environmental spills of hazardous materials, fuels and other regulated substances can offer more competitive rates, minimize payouts and loss ratio, reduce risk exposure and close claims faster while offering value-added services that set their companies apart by partnering with Spill Center™, the North American leader in environmental spill support and environmental claims management.

Spill Center has developed a proven method to place clients in a legally defensible position against third-party claimants and avoid being included as a responsible party to a pre-existing contamination problem. With a single call, website message or contact through the Spill Center mobile app, spill generators can get help finding cleanup contractors, completing required reports and thoroughly documenting incidents. The Spill Center team does it all in a low-cost way designed to help clients minimize costs and limit liability arising from environmental releases requiring cleanup.

The Spill Center team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide:

  • Immediate spill management
  • Comprehensive regulatory expertise
  • Timely, accurate spill reporting
  • Automated alerting of key managers
  • Spill contingency planning
  • Cleanup contractor referrals
  • Coordination of cleanup operations
  • Invoice auditing to save clients money
  • Thorough documentation of spills
  • Claims resolution and negotiation
  • Spill training for clients’ employees
  • Integrated mobile app for spill alerting

Spill Center has a database with current reporting requirements and contact information for nearly 30,000 jurisdictions throughout North America. Listings and detailed information are maintained on more than 3,000 qualified cleanup contractors. By partnering with Spill Center, insurance companies can empower their insureds to quickly find proven contractors and get assistance with regulatory reporting and cleanup coordination using customizable mobile applications and online tools. Spill Center offers insurers the ability to protect their organizations, increase sales and margins, and reduce risk, all by giving potential spill generators the support they need.

Some of the insurance companies partnering with Spill Center are Liberty International Underwriters (LIU), part of Liberty Mutual Insurance, Chubb Global and Berkley Custom Insurance. Zurich North America has been leveraging the resources and expertise of Spill Center to help its customers reduce costs and mitigate potential liability following environmental releases of dangerous materials since 2009.

Liberty International Underwriters (LIU) partnered with Spill Center™ to offer environmental policyholders a new program, “Liberty One Timely Accident Preparedness”(TAP). It is designed to improve a company’s readiness to respond quickly and efficiently to pollution events and environmental releases requiring cleanup and reporting.

Liberty One TAP marks the first time that Spill Center has offered its online tool as a customer-facing mobile app, giving LIU customers immediate, direct access to response and reporting tools. Whether in the office or out in the field, LIU’s customers can control activation of their emergency response plan, create and manage internal alert and communication systems, and identify the local incident reporting requirements. A unique aspect of the app is a mobile dashboard that is customized to each customer’s business and is used to distribute alerts and interface with LIU’s in-house team.”

Spill Center provides LIU’s customers with real-time communication and response capabilities, including access to Spill Center’s 24/7 call center. That ensures adequate response is available anytime, anywhere – even at night and during weekends and holidays. When LIU’s customers use the app, a Spill Center compliance associate immediately knows who they are and where they are and can quickly deploy spill response and reporting resources to support them.

Insurers offer Spill Center enrollment to their insureds at no cost; insureds pay only for services they request. Once registered with Spill Center, they can quickly get help with emergency response, including cleanup contractor listings throughout North America and assistance with required local, state, provincial and federal incident reports.

For information about the Spill Center Partnership Program for Insurance Companies, contact Tom Moses, president and founder of Spill Center. Telephone: 978-568-1922. Email at Or visit the integrated website at