Insurance Pros Like Spill Center’s Environmental Claims Management 

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Spill Center™, the North American leader in environmental spill support and environmental claims management, recently commissioned a series of interviews with its insurance company partners to determine how underwriters, risk specialists and insurance claims professionals view the Spill Center program. The research has revealed several common themes indicated by those interviewed:

  • Time is Money – Spill Center enables underwriters to close claims faster, minimizing payout and exposure.
  • Adding Value – Insurance company partners position Spill Center as an additional value proposition for their policy holders.
  • 24/7 Call Center – Spill Center is valued as a resource for its ability to coordinate emergency response with the knowledge and experience to resolve incidents quickly.

Those interviewed believe that Spill Center helps underwriters assess the risks that they are underwriting, while helping them evaluate claims, identify trends and audit claims. Insurers often market the Spill Center program to policy holders as a resource to facilitate emergency spill response and reporting to help them stay in compliance with environmental regulations.

Added value is important to Spill Center’s insurance company partners, who see value in the program as:

  • 24/7 resource that is contacted by toll-free number, interactive website and mobile app
  • Claims support tool with network of contractors who respond to spills across N. America
  • Immediate responder that can mitigate initial claims payout/reduce time claims are open
  • Tool that helps insurers minimize the amount of time to reach solutions

Those interviewed believe that Spill Center’s compliance associates are experienced, confident, know what they are doing and understand the business very well. Spill Center’s staff of environmental, legal and technical specialists have an excellent understanding of the regulations and can handle all back-end reporting. Spill Center’s customer service is also rated highly.

Spill Center’s reporting ability and coordination with cleanup contractors are seen as primary value-added features. Interviewees believe Spill Center’s primary competitors are cleanup contractors who operate on their own and don’t handle reporting or provide other key services.

Insurance company partners believe that Spill Center has the team and technology to help them win more business, reduce claims exposure and close claims faster. Spill Center’s ability to control costs after spills and knowing what actions are needed to minimize damage to the environment are among other value added benefits, the interviews showed.

A mishap doesn’t have to mean a million-dollar mess. Spill Center is the value-added offering that puts policyholders a click or call away from in-compliance responses, 24/7. Our experienced support team and advanced reporting technologies make it easy to get the highest level of response with the absolute lowest payout. Every time.

We expedite claims by combining seamless, role-based incident management with a huge network of contractors throughout North America. The end result is a seamless tool that helps insurance professionals offer more to their customers while minimizing risk and the time it takes to close a claim.”

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