Insurance Partnership Program Exclusive Offer from Spill Center

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More and more insurance companies are making the decision to partner with Spill Centerâ„¢, the North American leader in environmental claims management and spill support, which offers benefits both to insurers and insureds. We have nearly 30 years assessing and managing environmental spills of hazardous materials, petroleum products and other pollutants requiring cleanup and reporting.

The Spill Center Insurance Partnership Program enables insurance companies to offer their customers a value-added service that improves their readiness to respond to spill emergencies quickly and efficiently – at a significant cost savings. Insurance companies encourage their customers to register with Spill Center at no cost; after a spill, they pay only for the services they need.

Insurance company customers are able to leverage the resources of Spill Center and its team of compliance associates made up of environmental, technical and legal specialists. The program enables insurers to get involved soon after a spill to minimize spill-related costs and close claims quicker.

Spill Center maintains a database of current reporting regulations and contact information of nearly 30,000 local, state/provincial and federal jurisdictions throughout North America. This vital resource helps users avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with environmental regulations, which vary widely from one jurisdiction to the next. Spill Center compliance associates complete more incident reports for clients than any other organization, typically more than 300 a month.

Another database has comprehensive information on more than 3,000 pre-qualified environmental cleanup contractors who are equipped to respond to spills and pollution events. Spill Center researches and provides names of contractors in the vicinity of the spill from which to choose. Spill Center receives no compensation from contractors for this service.

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