Insurance Industry White Paper is New

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A new white paper on the Insurance Industry and the ways Spill Centerâ„¢ can provide support to insureds after environmental spills of hazardous materials and other pollutants is available to download at no charge. Written by Tom Moses, Spill Center president, the paper discusses a 24/7 program tailored to the specific preferences of insurers that provides systems for immediate spill response, cleanup management, waste disposal, documentation, and regulatory reporting that helps insureds avoid delays in getting assistance after environmental releases. The white paper also details how the Spill Center program helps insureds avoid fines for non-compliance with environmental regulations.

“Spill Center helps clients navigate the regulatory maze and provides immediate support after spills requiring cleanup and reporting,” says Tom, a former U.S. EPA toxicologist who holds a law degree and a certificate in hazardous materials control and emergency response. Prior to launching Spill Center in 1990, he worked in the insurance industry, providing environmental claims and spill management expertise. Also, as a legal specialist for Standard Oil, he interpreted safety and environmental regulations, developing legally defensible compliance procedures. He has served as Secretary of the Commercial Vehicle Alliance Security Committee and as a panel chair for the National Academies’ Transportation Research Board.

“We have been serving clients whose operations put them at risk for environmental releases of hazmat and other regulated substances since 1990,” Tom observes. “In that time, Spill Center has grown to become the North American leader in spill support and environmental claims management. More and more insurers are responding to our program. It is designed to contain costs and limit potential liability related to environmental spills of dangerous materials and other pollution events. Insurers partnering with Spill Center encourage their insureds to enroll in the program to improve their readiness to quickly report and respond to releases whenever and wherever they occur,” notes Tom in the white paper.

“Insureds enrolled in the program are better prepared to handle environmental spills and pollution events, which can result in lower spill-related costs, directly benefitting the insurance company,” he explains. “Insurers rely on Spill Center to provide expertise in spill management and regulatory matters to avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with local, state/provincial and federal reporting rules.”

The white paper states that one insurance company partnering with Spill Center began seeing the savings mount up as soon as customers started submitting spills through the program. “By addressing these emergencies in a timely manner through Spill Center, we have seen 20% to 25% in cost savings,” the underwriter said. He mentioned Spill Center Mobile, an app for mobile devices that sends to Spill Center user ID, spill location information, and the ability to request cleanup and safe disposal of spilled materials quickly and easily. The mobile app has been a useful tool for insurance adjusters because it lets them get involved within minutes of a reported incident and become proactive in helping the claimant mitigate the situation quickly, control spill-related costs and limit potential liability.

Some of the insurance companies partnering with Spill Center are Liberty International Underwriters, Chubb Global, Berkley Custom Insurance, Ace Environmental Risk, The Guarantee, and Zurich North America. Zurich has been leveraging the resources and expertise of Spill Center to help its customers reduce costs and mitigate potential liability following environmental releases since 2009. Several of those companies have won prestigious awards as a direct result of partnering with Spill Center, the white paper notes.

Download the Insurance Industry white paper here.

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