Insurance Customers Boost Preparedness to Handle Spills

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Environmental spills of hazardous materials and other regulated substances happen every day. Most are not the serious headline-generating releases, but the routine spills – the ones which must be handled with concern, urgency and a commitment to satisfy regulatory authorities. Companies that are not prepared to quickly and adequately respond to even minor spills of diesel fuel in a transportation-related release are at risk.

Failure to comply with federal, state/provincial and local spill regulations can be very costly. Being prepared means contingency planning, operator training and system testing. When a spill requiring emergency cleanup occurs, the spill generator needs to quickly coordinate and dispatch a cleanup crew with the appropriate equipment to handle the release, expedite incident reporting and keep track of claims information.

Insurance companies that stay on top of their customers’ environmental releases and become proactive in assisting them with handling the spill can save money. That’s why Spill Centerâ„¢ offers the Insurance Company Partnership Program. Insurers enroll in the program, then encourage their insureds to register with Spill Center at no cost to put spill support specialists on their side, 24/7, every day of the year. Knowing who to call for help is the key to fast resolution of pollution events.

The Spill Center insurance program is designed to help your customers contain costs and limit liability after environmental spills, while avoiding fines and penalties for late reporting or failure to report. Spills can be reported to Spill Center online via the Internet at a secure website, by phone or with an app for mobile devices which pinpoints the location of the spill and provides critical information to speed up the emergency response. Spill Center has 28 years of experience assessing environmental spills and coordinating emergency pollution-event response.

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