In the Event of a Spill, Call Spill Center First!

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An environmental spill or pollution event at your facility or in transportation requires a speedy response in order to minimize your costs and damage to the environment. That’s when you want to have Spill Center™ as a trusted partner. With a single call or visit to the Spill Center website, experienced staff members can help you find cleanup contractors, provide assistance with required regulatory reporting and coordinate response, cleanup and disposal activities.

Our program is designed to contain costs and minimize environmental liability for Spill Center clients after releases requiring cleanup. Spill Center compliance associates, including environmental, technical and legal specialists, provide thorough documentation of all actions performed on your behalf to help keep your company in a legally defensible position.

You remain in control at all times, and you pay only for the services that you request Spill Center to perform. As a Spill Center subscriber, you have access to our cleanup Contractor database with information on more than 3,000 pre-qualified environmental contractors throughout North America.

The database contains contractor capabilities, equipment inventories and insurance coverages. We send you a list of available contractors in the vicinity of the spill, and you decide who to put on the job. We can coordinate the cleanup and disposal operation, keeping you in the loop.

Another Spill Center database contains the contact information of nearly 30,000 agencies requiring reports after environmental spills. Spill reporting is an important aspect of the Spill Center program because, depending on the jurisdiction and type of incident, up to a dozen different reports might be required after an environmental release. Failure to comply with the reporting requirements can result in significant fines and penalties.

Learn more about Spill Center’s program for supporting businesses at risk for accidental spills of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated substances at our integrated website: I invite you to call me at 978-568-1922 x222 to discuss how the Spill Center program can work for your company. Or email me at