How Does Spill Center™ Beat The Competition to Help You?

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“The most common Spill Center™ competitors are cleanup contracting companies that maintain trained personnel, laborers and equipment so that they can go out and clean up environmental spills,” relates Tom Moses, president of Spill Center, who founded the company 28 years ago. He lists the advantages that Spill Center has over the competition:

  • Unlike Spill Center, they do not invest in sophisticated communications technology, computer systems and databases.
  • They are not able to let you activate a spill contingency plan, custom-tailored to your company – online, by mobile app or by telephone – to start an immediate response to your spill.
  • They do not have trained staff who can quickly identify options for response to save you money.
  • They do not complete spill reports required by environmental agencies.

“Other competitors are insurance companies that want to provide similar services because they think it will save them claims dollars,” notes Tom. “Insurance companies do not pay fines and penalties arising from failure to report spills on time, so they do not train people to understand reporting documentation, controlling cost and limiting liability related to spills like Spill Center,” he adds. Spill Center completes more incident reports after spills on behalf of clients than any other organization in North America.

“Our competitors do not have the expertise in environmental law and regulatory reporting that is required to manage environmental spill claims,” relates Tom, who holds a law degree and a certificate in hazardous materials control and emergency response.

“By handling spills in every jurisdiction throughout the United States, we have learned what works and what saves money,” says Tom. “We have developed a system to control costs and limit liability for clients that we apply to the management of every incident. Local contractors, in many instances, have to figure that out for the first time when called to handle a spill.”

What’s the cost of Spill Center’s spill support program? Clients pay an annual subscriber fee based on their size and level of services that they desire and an hourly fee for work performed at their direction. The annual fee covers the cost of preparation and maintenance of a custom spill contingency plan with claim-handling instructions and a security plan for every client, plus 24/7 access to Spill Center’s team of Compliance Associates, who are ready to provide immediate assistance.

For more information about Spill Center’s program, visit the integrated website at or call Tom at 978-568-1922 to discuss a custom-tailored program for your company. E-mail Tom at