Hiring Cleanup Contractors – With No Strings Attached

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After an environmental spill at your facility or in an accident with one of your trucks, finding and hiring a qualified cleanup contractor is a top priority. But not all referrals come without strings attached – that is, they may not be competitive in terms of pricing due to commissions and referral fees that are tacked on.

Some providers of emergency response services operate through a managed network of third-party vendors. As a matter of course, they recommend their affiliated contractors after spills rather than offer a choice of independent contractors who may be more price competitive. Sometimes, the contractor is referring himself because he owns the referral service – a service which used to be independent but was recently acquired by the contractor.

Spill Centerâ„¢, a North American leader in hazardous materials support and environmental claims management, provides a referral service to clients without charging a fee or other compensation from contractors. We maintain a database with comprehensive information on more than 3,000 independent environmental cleanup contractors operating throughout North America.

When a client notifies us of a spill, a Spill Center compliance associate researches qualified and available contractors in the vicinity of the spill and presents the spill generator with several from which to select. All contractors in our database are independent operators and are not affiliated with any other spill management company.

Clients contact Spill Center by phone, on our mobile spill reporting app via the Internet. A “Contact Spill Center” page on our website provides a simple form to gather information on the spill, including location and nature of the materials released.

Each contractor in the database is thoroughly screened and regularly reviewed by Spill Center to ensure a prompt, reliable and cost-effective response to spills. Spill Center coordinates the cleanup, waste disposal and site remediation, keeping the spill generator in the loop every step of the way.

By handling spills in every jurisdiction throughout the country, we have learned what works and what saves money. We have developed a system to control costs and limit liability for clients that we apply to the management of every incident. Local contractors, in many instances, have to figure that out for the first time when called to handle a hazmat spill.

Spill Center operates throughout North America, which gives us a broad view of how the environmental cleanup contracting industry operates and charges for its services. We also have the experience to identify costs that arise directly from a loss and costs that do not.

We are in a unique position to review invoices from cleanup contractors, breaking them down into labor, equipment, material and disposal line items, then comparing those charges against hundreds of other invoices from all around the country to determine whether or not the charges are reasonable or necessary.

The most common Spill Center competitors are cleanup contracting companies. Unlike Spill Center, they do not invest in sophisticated communications technology, computer systems and databases that enable automatic activation of a client’s online spill contingency plan.

Competitors do not have trained staff that can quickly identify options for response to save the spill generator money. We pride ourselves on the outstanding capabilities and experience of our Spill Center staff.

Other competitors are insurance companies, which provide similar services because they think it will save them claims dollars. But insurance companies do not train people to understand reporting documentation, controlling cost and limiting liability related to spills. Again, unlike Spill Center, our competitors do not have the expertise in environmental law and regulatory reporting that is required to manage spill claims.

When a Spill Center client has a spill, we notify the authorities in the jurisdiction where the spill occurred and file the required reports on the client’s behalf. Proprietary automated systems help our clients track incidents, produce standard and customized reports and generate root-cause analysis data to help managers identify conditions and trends that can be addressed to improve fleet safety.

Spill Center’s expertise includes environmental/safety regulatory compliance, emergency spill response management, and claims resolution, negotiation and settlement. Since 1990, Spill Center has helped clients control costs and limit liability arising from accidental releases of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated materials.

Anyone who has front-line responsibility for managing transportation, hazmat manufacturing, warehousing, storage or distribution will understand the benefits of Spill Center services. So will anybody who is responsible for the company’s safety and compliance, as well as financial aspects, insurance and risk management.

For more information about Spill Center services, visit our website at www.spillcenter.com. Don’t hesitate to call me at 978-568-1922 or email me at tmoses@spillcenter.com. I promise that we can help boost your spill preparedness overnight.