Helping Insurance Companies Become Proactive After Spills

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More and more insurance companies are recognizing the benefits of partnering with Spill Center™, a North American leader in environmental claims management and spill support. Spill Center offers insurers a program designed to help their customers contain costs and reduce third-party liability after environmental spills at their facilities or in transportation.

Insurance companies encourage their insureds to register at no charge in the Spill Center program to boost their readiness to handle accidental spills. Spill generators pay only for the services they want after spills.

Whether it’s a hazmat or fuel spill from a vehicle accident or a pollution event at a customer’s facility, any release that requires emergency environmental cleanup can set off a complicated and potentially expensive chain of events. The Spill Center program helps insurance company customers with both the physical and financial aspects of an environmental clean-up.

Spill Center’s team of legal, technical and environmental experts are ready to provide advice and immediate assistance to spill generators 24/7, 365 days a year to facilitate a quick and effective response.

Insurance adjusters who manage large claims are benefiting by using Spill Center’s mobile app, SC COM, because the app lets them get involved within minutes of an incident and become proactive in helping the claimant mitigate the situation quickly, control spill-related costs and limit any potential liability

The Spill Center Insurance program, which is tailored to insurers’ preferences, offers assistance to insureds with regulatory reporting, spill response management and coordination with authorities at spill sites. Systems have been developed by Spill Center for spill response, documentation and reporting as well as North America-wide cleanup contractor referrals and disposal resources.

Spill Center has 28 years of experience in environmental emergency response, investigation and remediation of accidental releases of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated substances. Your customers will be in the hands of professionals.

For more information on Spill Center’s program of spill support and environmental management services for the insurance industry, call Spill Center President Tom Moses at 978-568-1922 or email him at Visit the company’s integrated website for more detailed information at