FACTOR and Spill Center Win US DOT PHMSA Project to Develop Smart Technology for Hazmat Transportation

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HazSMART™ technology will streamline communication and improve sharing of critical information between hazardous materials stakeholders

FACTOR, INC. has partnered with SPILL CENTER™ on a new research and development project funded by the US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (US DOT PHMSA) to develop HazSMART™—an integrated technology for hazardous materials shippers, transporters, first responders, and others involved in the transportation and handling of hazmat. The project, lasting until September 2020, will result in a pilot implementation of HazSMART to assess its adoptability and long-term utility.    

Currently, there are a number of disconnected public and private technologies catering to limited groups of hazmat transportation stakeholders. These stakeholders would benefit from a tighter collaboration and improved information sharing. To address this need, HazSMART’s web and mobile applications will make it easier to securely communicate and rapidly share “need-to-know” information between verified users. In its fully developed state, HazSMART will function as a clearinghouse for hazmat transportation data, promote communication exchange, and will enable users to access relevant, proximity-based information without delays, so that necessary safety precautions or emergency response actions can be implemented quickly and dynamically.    

“The HazSMART technology will ultimately support decision-making, facilitate emergency preparedness, and improve response throughout the hazmat transportation lifecycle,” said Dr. Mark Lepofsky, FACTOR VP and COO. It will also serve as means to enhance hazmat transportation safety, security, and efficiency by providing planning tools that will integrate information on restricted routes, emergency response services, at-risk population, and the environment. The project is aligned with the “Smart City” approach for delivering services more efficiently and improving the quality of life.

“The transportation of hazardous materials is vital to the health, welfare, and economy of the United States, but the attendant risks must be carefully managed. Shipments must be prepared correctly, transported safely and securely, delivered to the correct consignee, and unloaded safely,” observes Tom Moses, SPILL CENTER President, who holds a law degree and a certificate in Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response.

“The HazSMART technology will ultimately support decision-making, facilitate emergency preparedness, and improve response throughout the hazmat transportation lifecycle.” – Dr. Mark Lepofsky, FACTOR VP and COO

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Since 1990, SPILL CENTER, INC. has provided emergency response resources, regulatory reporting, environmental claims management and communications systems to government and industry world-wide.

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