Get Spill Help Now Online at Spill Center’s New Website

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Did you know that even if you are not a Spill Center® client, you can still get immediate expert help and information about spills and how best to handle and report them? Just click on the Try It Now button at right. That will link you to a fast and powerful online tool at Spill Center’s new website,, that enables you to Report a Spill Now, Find a Contractor Now and Find Disposal Options Now. You pay only for the services that your require.

At Spill Center, we know that every moment counts when you have a spill emergency. We’ve been helping companies like yours handle spills for over 20 years. Our staff of environmental, legal and technical experts can provide the support you need for spills requiring environmental cleanup. We are a leading hazardous materials support and environmental claims management company, offering services to help motor carriers, truck leasing and rental companies, insurance companies and other clients control costs and limit liability arising from accidental releases of hazmat, diesel fuel and other regulated materials.

Become a Spill Center Subscriber

At the new Spill Center website, you can find out all the details – and learn about the benefits – of becoming a Spill Center client. You are also invited to call Tom Moses, president of Spill Center, to find out how we can tailor our services to meet the exact the needs of your company. Tom holds a law degree, a certificate in hazardous materials control and emergency response and is a former EPA toxicologist. He founded Spill Center in 1990 to help clients minimize costs and cut through the regulatory maze of government regulations surrounding environmental spills. Call his direct number: 978-568-1922, x222, or email him at