Experts at Spill Reporting

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Did you know that Spill Center compliance associates are on call 24/7 to provide support for clients who are involved in accidental spills, anywhere in North America? Spill Center’s team includes legal, technical and environmental specialists who are experienced in regulatory reporting, spill cleanup coordination, documentation of compliance activities, database maintenance and auditing of contractor and emergency responder invoices.

Our compliance associates routinely complete DOT Incident Reporting Forms along with all required local, state and federal spill reports as part of Spill Center’s program of spill-related services for clients. Spill Center completes more incident reports for clients than any other organization in the country – more than 300 reports each month. Spill Center representatives worked on the US DOT Task Force on proposed rulemaking for the DOT 5800.1 Incident Report.

Spill Center was founded more than 20 years ago by Thomas Moses, president, who received his law degree in 1986 and is a former U.S. EPA toxicologist. He holds a certificate in Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Environmental Law Institute.

Tom started Spill Center on the premise that no company will ever have enough spills to get good at managing them efficiently and cost-effectively. Spill Center deals with environmental releases every day on behalf of clients. By managing spills in jurisdictions throughout the country, we have learned what works and what saves money. We have developed highly efficient systems for spill response, documentation and reporting as well as nationwide cleanup contractor referrals and disposal resources.

Spill Center clients range from the largest truckload, LTL and private fleets, to small fleets, chemical, environmental and insurance companies and truck leasing companies. Spill Center has been helping carriers, shippers, truck leasing & rental companies, chemical companies and insurers contain costs and limit liability related to environmental spills since 1990. Even if you’re comfortable filing your own reports, our online report generation tools can cut down on your paperwork.

For more information on our services and how to register in the Spill Center program, call Tom Moses directly at 978-568-1922, X222 or email him at Complete information is on our website, where you can register online: We look forward to hearing from you.