Expertise on Spills Offered in Webinars

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Spill Center’s monthly webinar series on containing costs and limiting liability after spills of hazmat, diesel fuel and other regulated substances continues this fall. Tom Moses, Spill Center founder and president, will discuss a broad range of topics of value to fleets and other businesses at risk from accidental spills on the road and at fixed facilities. His guidance has helped clients avoid fines and penalties for failing to comply with environmental regulations and overpaying for emergency spill-related services.

Tom launched Spill Center more than 20 years ago to help carriers, shippers, truck leasing and rental companies, chemical companies and insurers contain costs and limit liability related to environmental spills. He received his law degree from John Marshall CSU and is a former U.S. EPA toxicologist. He is a board panel chairman at National Academies’ Transportation Research Board (HMCRP) and has broad experience in transportation, environmental regulatory compliance, crisis management and environmental claims resolution.

Demands for Reimbursement

On Sept. 27, starting at noon (EST), Tom will discuss ways to handle reimbursement requests from emergency responders and ways to avoid overpaying for those services. He will explain the legal aspects of Strict Liability surrounding environmental spills and why the spill generator is legally responsible regardless of who was at fault in the incident. Register for next Thursday’s webinar at

Other webinar topics in the coming months include Dealing with the Media after Spills, Contingency Planning for Spills, Improving Preparedness for Handling Spills and Hazmat Regulations Update.

Spill Center is a nationwide, 24-hour emergency resource dedicated to reducing environmental liability for companies that become spill generators. The Spill Center program was developed to help level the playing field for spill generators who are forced to deal with regulatory authorities, cleanup contractors and third-party claimants. Clients range from the largest truckload, LTL and private fleets, to small fleets, chemical, environmental and insurance companies and truck leasing companies.

With a single call or visit to the Spill Center website,, spill generators can find cleanup contractors, complete all required regulatory reports and thoroughly document incidents. Spill Center Compliance Associates are on call 24/7, every day of the year. They fill out more than 300 US DOT Incident Report Forms each month as part of Spill Center’s program of spill-related services for clients – more incident reports for clients than any other organization in the country.

Become a Spill Center Subscriber

At the Spill Center website, you can find out all the details and learn about the benefits of becoming a Spill Center client. You are also invited to call Tom to find out how Spill Center can tailor its services to meet the exact needs of your company and help you cut through the regulatory maze of government regulations surrounding environmental spills. Call Tom’s direct number: 978-568-1922, x222, or email him at