Crisis Management Training Boosts Spill Preparedness

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Spill Centerâ„¢ offers customized training in Crisis Management to clients who want to improve their ability to quickly and efficiently respond to releases of hazardous materials and other regulated substances at their facilities or in over-the-road accidents.

Our trainer comes to your location to conduct the training session, which is designed to teach your managers, employees and drivers the proper way to activate your spill contingency plan and reporting system and employ techniques to minimize your costs and liability arising from environmental spills.

Spill Center Crisis Management Training provides instruction in how to:

  • Document all releases
  • Recognize significant releases
  • Activate company emergency response plans
  • Mobilize appropriate resources
  • Avoid 50 Common Points of Failure

Our information-packed presentation is followed by an interactive workshop, as well as hands-on exercises and an “Ask the Expert” session. We provide all class materials. By attending, your people will get the comprehensive training they need to increase their awareness, hone their skills in emergency response, and learn the best ways to navigate the regulatory maze to protect your company’s most valuable assets.

Plus, clients who sign up for the training also receive ongoing support and no-charge telephone consulting provided by Spill Center President Tom Moses, who founded the company in 1990. Tom is a former U.S. EPA toxicologist who holds a law degree and a certificate in hazardous materials control and emergency response.

His experience and knowledge of environmental rules and regulations enable him to bring to the table a unique combination of skills and knowledge of the chemical, transportation and insurance industries.

For more information on Spill Center’s program of spill support and environmental claims management, visit or call Tom at 978-568-1922, x222.