‘Cradle to Grave’ Spill Handling Keeps Distribution Client Happy

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When your distribution operation runs trucks throughout the USA, fuel spills and other environmental incidents requiring cleanup and reporting are an all-too-common occurrence. One Spill Center™ client, a liquid bulk distribution company, has been using our services to handle routine incidents since the 1990’s. Most of the spills we handle for the client involve only one to five gallons of fuel or other vehicle fluids.

We typically handle as many as 10 incidents a month for the client, finding cleanup contractors if drivers cannot complete the cleanup themselves and filing any required regulatory reports for the jurisdictions in which the spills occur.

We manage the incidents from cleanup to disposal, cradle to grave, so to speak. We also complete necessary corporate reports as directed in claim handling instructions, which are included in each client’s custom Spill Contingency Report.

In January of this year, we handled spills for the client in seven states: TN, IA, PA, MO, OH, IN and AL. Since spills are all we do, we are very good at knowing who to call for cleanup services, who requires incident reports and ways to save clients money. Our database of pre-qualified cleanup contractors contains contact information and capabilities on more than 3,000 companies for referral to our clients.

Spill Reporting is an important aspect of the Spill Center program. We maintain a database with the latest regulations and contact information for some 30,000 jurisdictions throughout North America requiring reports after environmental releases. That is a valuable asset to our clients because, depending on the location and type of spill, up to a dozen different reports might be required.

Sometimes the driver can complete the cleanup, so we just record and document everything and send out a report to the company and any required reports, generally based on the volume of the material spilled.

For more information about Spill Center services, visit our website at www.spillcenter.com. Don’t hesitate to call me directly at 978-568-1922 or email me at tmoses@spillcenter.com. I promise that we can help boost your spill preparedness overnight.