Controlling Spill Cleanup Costs & Limiting Damages

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Spill Center President Tom Moses will discuss ways that you can control spill-related costs and limit potential damages in a free webinar on Thursday, July 26. A former U.S. EPA toxicologist, he started Spill Center more than 20 years ago on the premise that no company will ever have enough spills to get good at managing them efficiently and cost-effectively. Tom has a law degree and a certificate in Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response.

In the webinar, he will discuss the types of damages that can arise from spills and how your company can improve its preparedness to deal with them. Significant costs are related to cleanup contractor response and site remediation. Knowing the right questions to ask contractors regarding the scope of work to be performed can save you money. To help clients quickly find contractors, Spill Center maintains a database of more than 3000 pre-qualified environmental contractors throughout North America.

Tom will also discuss the importance of filing required incident reports on time to stay in compliance with regulatory authorities to avoid fines and penalties. Spill Center’s database of current local, state/provincial and federal reporting requirements covers jurisdictions throughout North America to determine which reports must be completed following spills and when. That enables clients to avoid wading through screen after screen of regulations on government websites searching for information.

The Spill Center program was developed to help level the playing field for spill generators who are forced to deal with regulatory authorities, cleanup contractors and third-party claimants. Spill Center has been helping carriers, shippers, truck leasing & rental companies, chemical companies and insurers contain costs and limit liability related to environmental spills since 1990.

We invite you to join the webinar to learn the ropes of controlling costs and limiting damages after a spill. It starts at 12:00 pm EST on Thursday July 26. To Register: