Cleaning Up Spills Cost-Effectively

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After an environmental spill at your facility or during transportation, do you know who to call to clean it up efficiently and cost-effectively? Your best bet is to call Spill Center™. An experienced compliance associate opens your pre-filed spill contingency plan and immediately begins gathering information to assess the spill and coordinate an emergency response. The contingency plan, custom-tailored for each client, contains company contacts and other information needed to contain spill-related costs and limit potential liability.

Once Spill Center is notified of a spill, a compliance associate generates a list of qualified cleanup contractors that operate in the vicinity of the spill and passes the list to the client to select one. Spill Center maintains a database containing detailed information on more than 3,000 environmental cleanup contractors throughout North America. We receive no compensation from contractors. The listings are provided as a service to our clients.

We invite environmental cleanup contractors to register with Spill Center and be listed on our database. Contractors provide information about their capabilities, personnel, equipment, coverages and other information that we need to qualify them to work on behalf of our clients.

After we assess the scope of the release, a compliance associate determines which government agency requires spill reports, by telephone and in writing, to comply with reporting regulations. Our database contains regulatory requirements and contact information for nearly 30,000 environmental agencies, and we complete local, state/provincial and federal incident reports to keep our clients in compliance.

We also offer an audit service to review invoices from contractors and emergency responders to ensure that our clients are not over-charged. The audit provides a neutral and unbiased review of charges and documentation in order to ensure fairness and encourage free-market practices. The auditor provides the client with a recommendation based on a review of similar incidents and current industry standards for the region in which the spill occurs.

The auditor reviews rates for personnel, equipment, transportation, disposal, roll-off rental and fuel surcharges allowed on heavy equipment, comparing them to current industry standards. Rates are based on a typical response, including labor and equipment needed to adequately remediate a job of this size and scope in the area of the spill.

Spill Center’s auditing service is available to clients who receive invoices from cleanup contractors, fire departments and other emergency responders that seek reimbursement for work performed. Our expertise in spill management and environmental claims handling has helped hundreds of clients in the transportation, chemical, insurance and other industries. They count on us to help minimize spill-related costs, protect against liability lawsuits and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with reporting regulations.

For more information about Spill Center’s services, visit the website: Or call Tom Moses, president and founder, directly at 978-568-1922. Email him at