Chubb Leverages Spill Center™ System To Help Clients Respond to Cyber Events

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Spill Center™, the North American leader in environmental spill support and claims management, has developed technology that is now being used to alert companies of cyber incidents. Insurance company client Chubb has adapted it to assist U.S. and Canadian commercial cyber customers with rapid incident response options and resources in the event of a cyber incident.

Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer with operations in 54 countries, has leveraged the resources of Spill Center to offer a mobile application called Cyber AlertSM to its cyber policyholders.

Each Chubb cyber policy includes access to Chubb’s cyber incident response team, which is comprised of a diverse group of independent third-party service providers. They have capabilities and experience to help all sized organizations respond to cyber incidents, according to Anthony Dolce, VP of Chubb’s Cyber Claims unit.

“The first few hours and days following a cyber incident are the most critical. Being ready to respond and immediately engage your incident response team can make all the difference in mitigating losses associated with a cyber incident,” he related.

“For example, given the significant uptick in ransomware incidents, enabling our customers to use their mobile device to take a photo of the ransomware demand and coordinate their incident response without using their computer or network truly differentiates this solution,” added Mr. Dolce.

With the click of a button, Chubb’s Cyber Alert app provides policyholders with access to a live cyber response specialist. Once reported, an incident response coach is engaged to investigate the impact of the event, manage any legal or regulatory concerns, and retain additional incident response services as needed.

Chubb has also leveraged the resources of Spill Center to offer its customers the Chubb EIA mobile application, which enables users to report spills from anywhere using a mobile device and to instantly begin to respond, report, clean up and safely dispose of spill materials by automatically reporting location information and user identification.

The mobile application helps Chubb Environmental clients to find and dispatch qualified incident response contractors, monitor cleanup costs and mitigate potential liabilities associated with environmental releases.

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