Break Into the New Technology For Mandatory Spill Reporting

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Many companies at risk for environmental spills of hazardous materials and other pollution events are still using 30-year-old reporting practices that are slow and error-prone. Spill Center™ offers its clients a secure mobile application and online tools that make spill reporting and tracking incidents easier and faster than ever.

Spill Center’s mobile app, TERRA, instantly relays the location of a spill and information about the client to our 24/7 team of compliance associates, who are ready to immediately launch and coordinate an appropriate response to the spill. Our support team includes environmental, technical and legal experts.

We locate cleanup contractors in the vicinity of the spill who are available to respond and notify all parties who need-to-know in your company. We maintain listings and detailed information on more than 3,000 qualified cleanup contractors and provide a referral service to clients without charging a fee or other compensation from contractors. Our program helps clients contain the costs of spill cleanup and site remediation by efficiently coordinating the response and actively managing the contractors on site.

Our mobile app features a customizable, role-based dashboard to help clients manage and document incidents. Our mission is to help our client companies control spill-related costs and limit any potential liability, while keeping clients in a legally defensible position. Regulatory compliance during real-time incident response is assured.

Spill Center’s highly sophisticated spill reporting and documentation program is applied to the management of every incident that the company handles for clients. A database of current regulations for nearly 30,000 federal, state, provincial and local jurisdictions throughout North America is a key resource for clients. Our compliance associates complete more incident reports on behalf of clients than any other organization in North America.

We communicate with emergency and environmental officials at the scene to satisfy them that Spill Center is managing the cleanup and advise them not to call in more resources (at additional cost) than are needed. And we keep our clients in the loop, informing them of the actions being taken and reports made on their behalf, right through to closure of the case.

For more information about the Spill Center program of spill support and environmental claims management, contact Tom Moses, Spill Center president and founder, at 800-456-9038 or Visit the website at