At Risk for Hazmat Spill Emergencies?

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No business is immune from problems requiring an immediate response by experts to resolve them. The faster the response the better chance you have of containing costs and limiting potential liability – everything from accidental releases of hazardous materials, pollutants and other regulated materials to OSHA-related issues and workplace injuries. Spill Center’s team of legal, environmental and technical specialists are ready 24/7 to provide immediate support to clients whenever and wherever needed.

Emergency preparedness starts with a risk assessment. Companies at risk for pollution events are well-advised to conduct a survey of their operations to identify every activity that has the potential to produce an environmental spill that requires cleanup and reporting. The next step is to draft a contingency plan detailing response actions tailored to each activity. Spill Centerâ„¢ helps clients prepare comprehensive contingency plans and keeps them in a secure online database for you to access anytime.

The efforts spent “planning a spill” can help minimize costs related to resolving the problem, limit the potential for third-party liability claims and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with environmental reporting regulations.

The written contingency plan is an important part of risk mitigation because it helps ensure that the right people in your organization are notified about an incident or other emergency, the right internal and external reports are triggered, and the appropriate experts and resources are brought to bear. The contingency plan is the key to efficient coordination of business and workplace issues. It is especially valuable if an emergency occurs at night, on weekends or over holidays, when key company personnel may not be available to respond.

Nearly 30,000 local, state, provincial and federal jurisdictions across North America require incident reports after environmental releases. Spill Center maintains databases with current regulations and contact information for these agencies. Shippers and transporters who are ill-prepared to handle incidents quickly and comply with all reporting requirements can end up with major expenses for cleanup and disposal service, as well as liability issues and steep penalties for failing to file incident reports on time.

Spill Center can locate the resources needed to respond to the spill quickly and professionally and manage the incident for you – at night, on the weekends and during holidays. All required hazmat incident reports can be completed on your behalf to avoid fines for failure to report. Thorough documentation is established to defend against third-party claims arising from spills.

No fleet or other business at risk for accident spills of regulated substances should ever have enough spills to get good at handling them. By aligning yourself with experts such as Spill Center, who are equipped to provide assistance when you need it most, you broaden your state of preparedness and help minimize spill-related costs and liability. Our job is to keep the spill’s impact and your costs to a minimum because the faster and more professional the response, the less environmental damage and less costs that result.

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