Are You at Risk for Spills? Take a Look at Spill Center

anne Benefits

Any company at risk for environmental releases of hazardous materials, petroleum products and other regulated substances can benefit by registering in the Spill Center™ program of spill support and environmental management services. We’ve been helping businesses of all types control spill-related costs and limit liability after pollution events for 26 years.

I launched this company in 1990 as a resource to help companies through the regulatory maze related to environmental spills. More than 30,000 federal, state, provincial and local jurisdictions throughout North America require reports from spill generators within a specified time frame after an incident. Failure to comply with those reporting regulations can produce stiff fines and penalties.

Spill Center provides support for a broad range of clients – from transporters and shippers to insurance companies, chemical companies, marine businesses and commercial property owners. By managing spills in jurisdictions throughout North America, we have learned what works to mitigate environmental damage and what saves clients money. We have developed highly efficient systems for spill response, documentation and reporting as well as cleanup contractor referrals and disposal resources throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our program helps clients contain the costs of spill cleanup and site remediation by efficiently coordinating the response and actively managing the contractors on site. We present clients with a list of available contractors near the spill site who are equipped to handle the spill. We maintain listings and detailed information on more than 3,000 qualified cleanup contractors.

We communicate with emergency and environmental officials at the scene to satisfy them that Spill Center is managing the cleanup and advise them not to call in more resources (at additional cost) than are needed. And we keep our clients in the loop, informing them of the actions being taken and reports made on their behalf, right through to closure of the case.

Another service available to our clients is professional auditing to check the accuracy and appropriateness of line items on invoices from emergency responders and contractors. Any charges that seem unreasonable, out of line with the project, or inflated are negotiated down.

As the leading and most trusted environmental claims management company in North America, Spill Center helps fixed-facilities, shippers, transporters, marine businesses, chemical companies, insurers and others at risk for environmental spills to control costs and limit liability arising from accidental releases of regulated materials and pollution events.

Spill Center provides immediate spill management and required documentation, comprehensive regulatory expertise, clean-up contractor referrals and a proven method designed to place the spill generator in a legally defensible position – all in a low-cost program that is proven to control costs and limit liability related to environmental spills.

For more information on our program of services, visit the Spill Center website, where you can enroll online as a client or simply learn more about us and our experience in helping companies like yours get past spill incidents and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with reporting regulations.